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Helen Starkie is one of most well-known Solicitors in Bristol. She set up her own firm in 2010 after working with a top one hundred law firm.While she knew she was gaining valuable experience working there, she became frustrated by the increasing amount of time she needed to spend on ‘in-house’ issues rather than valuing larger firms who place more effort on commercial matters than personal services. She believed in delivering traditional and personal bespoke services to each of her clients.

Helen Starkie aims to provide some of the best and most reliable personal services which can be hard to come by in the modern times.’ By acting as a solicitor of Lasting Power Of Attorney to the people of Bristol, Helen has made her dream become reality and is now proud to say that she is one of the best solicitors in Bristol.If given a choice, the majority of customers would prefer the traditional system of high street banks where managers are recognisable and can easily be contacted. In the olden times, managers were well trained to meet any circumstances rather than needing to go through call centres to get an issue resolved.

Helen has built up her reputation throughout the years and now she has her own business which offers services in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Helen has done everything to make sure that the Solicitors that work for her are of the highest quality as she hand-picks professionals who are able to work with customers to meet their requirements. We always go that extra mile in order to deliver some of the best law services to our clients. We tailor our services to best suit the client after thoroughly analyzing their personal, financial and family situations. With profound knowledge about the different Wills and actions, Helen and her team of trusted solicitors have created a very successful team when it comes to Wills and Probate in Bristol. Our diverse ranges of expert services are:

  • Power of attorney
  • Solicitor
  • Lawyer
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Wills & Probate
  • Court of Protection
  • Protective Property Trusts

We believe in offering some of the most unique services in Bristol and we like to stand out from the crowd and make our Solicitor services one of a kind. We acknowledge all the issues concerning them and their families and tailor our services to best suit your needs. We pay special attention towards our Elderly clients in Bristol especially during retirement years or period of illness.

We consider the fact that delivery of law should be an authentic service. Each of our solicitors are available to our clients24/7 without any hassle. We always treat each job with the same care and consideration no matter how big or small. We never hesitate to visit clients in their homes, offices or any preferred location. We always try our hardest to make you as comfortable as possible in our consulting rooms and try and earn your trust and prove to you why we are some of the best solicitors in Bristol. Put your trust in our reliable and bespoke services and you will not be disappointed.

Experience listens.

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The Team

Helen Starkie

Helen Starkie

Helen has built up the reputation as one of the most reliable “private client” solicitors over the past thirty years. She is well qualified and has previously spent a number of years in a leading role in a top one hundred law firm in London. The experience that she gathered over the years has been a boost to her career as she was the partner, head of the department and member of the board of management. One of the signs of her popularity was when she was elected as a member of the Law Society’s Private Client National Executive Committee. Her immense popularity continued to growwhen she was also elected as a member of the Court Of Protection Panel Of Professional Deputies as well as a member of Solicitors for the Elderly. She received an award for the amazing work she has donein the Elderly client law industry. She uses her experience and knowledge in order to help people in Bristol.

Jo Wagstaff

Jo Wagstaff

Jo is one of the masterminds behind all the great work that Helen has done. Jo joined Helen Starkie after building up 10 years of experience in her career in investment management. Initially, she dealt with the administration of client’s investments and gained an important investment administration qualification. Recently,she has showed more of an interest towards the Wills & Probate department. She is also a qualified Legal Executive and she now works with different clients, assisting them in making their wills and power of attorney documents. Jo also has a keen eye when it comes to Estate Management. She whole heartedly believes that everyone should be able to access legal advice and this is the attitude that Jo shows while working. She feels blessed to work with people and be there in their times of need.

Gina Lawrence

Gina Lawrence

Gina started working in the legal department at the young age of 16. She has built up her reputation since then and has gained valuable knowledge in many areas of law. Her main passion is for working with the elderly just like Helen and Jo. Her passion means that she will always go that extra mile to meet the requirements of her clients. Having worked with Helen for a number of years as her ‘right hand man’ in a previous firm, Gina is enjoying working with her again and having the chance to further develop the elderly client side of the practice.

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